Our President

Charles R. Tucceri
President/Executive Director

In July 2012, Hydro Sun Farms was a creation of the Job Club in the Neptune office of The NJ Division of Vocational Rehabilitation; the participant’s idea was to create a Not for Profit Organization run entirely by persons of disabilities to grow herbs hydroponically.  My introduction to this project was in March, 2013 when I was asked to step into the role of President/Executive Director.  At that time, there were many organizational tasks that needed to be accomplished.  I took on this role with much enthusiasm as I believed in the value of this project and what could be accomplished to help persons of disabilities take pride in themselves and their accomplishments.   

Immediately construction of the first greenhouse was started and by September we were ready for our grand opening with the completion of the second greenhouse with hopes for a bright future for all involved.

To date we have had over 22 persons of disabilities complete the training program and have retained 9 employees.  Our growing operation has expanded from a couple of types of herbs to over 100 vegetable, herbs and fruits.  

Our primary goal for Hydro Sun Farms is to train persons of disabilities to become proficient in a trade.  We also want to pursue excellence in our products that are now beginning to be known for their quality, as well as develop a reputation that will enhance the future of our trainees.