We are working with the community to employ individuals who have struggled to secure employment due to disability limitations.
​​Our participants will learn the process of hydroponic growing, retail, wholesale marketing, face to face interactions, clerical skills, along with job search techniques.
The Hydro Sun Farms project builds on New Jersey’s philosophy of ‘Employment First’ for people with disabilities, which expresses our conviction that employment is vital for everyone,” said Department of Human Services Commissioner Jennifer Velez. “The job opportunities that are created through Hydro Sun Farms will assist individuals with disabilities in developing practical skills and on-the-job experience to build a foundation for long-term employment.”

Hydroponics farming is considered a more environmentally sound
method of farming because it uses a fraction of the water required to
irrigate a conventional soil-based farm and it often yields higher results
because hydroponics uses a continuous flow of nutrients to the crops.
That flow allows the plant to concentrate its energy on producing fruit
rather than roots.

The greenhouses used at Hydro Sun also shields plants from harsh and
damaging weather, and run-off water is recycled within the hydroponic
system rather than allowed to flow into streams. Additionally, machinery
and vehicle emissions are eliminated because there is no need for
plowing or digging.

“Hydro Sun Farms, growing high-quality Jersey Fresh produce, is a
wonderful addition to New Jersey’s innovative and diverse agriculture
industry,” said New Jersey Assistant Secretary of Agriculture Al Murray.
“The project also calls attention to the increasing job opportunities
available in agriculture.”

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